Earrings for RBG

I made a pair of earrings for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the notorious RBG. Fretting about wanting them to be “perfect”, I worked tirelessly and slightly obsessively over every detail. I was afraid they wouldn’t be good enough. That I didn’t have enough skills to make them perfect. That I wasn’t worthy enough to send them. That the letter I wanted to include would seem juvenile and ill-written.

Trying to get this gift ‘perfect’ was just what my critical inner voice wanted and uncovered many of my deep seated insecurities–the ones that like to stay hidden in shadows and whispers, the ones that keep me from taking action. Unknown to me at the time, these RBG earrings were a opportunity for me to look into my shadows, face those whispers, and free myself from some criticism and self doubt.

I made those earrings to the best of my ability. I wrote that letter. I packaged it all up and sent it off. Two weeks letter I received a completely lovely note signed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Yep. And an invitation to see her speak when she comes to Raleigh in September.

To the critical voice in my head? Take that!

Oh, and here are the earrings:


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