How is your jewelry produced?

All of our products are hand-fabricated in our North Carolina location. 


What makes Christine Jones Jewelry company a good steward?

Our company is founded in our love and respect for the world and all the peoples in it.  For that reason, we reuse, recycle and upcycle as much as possible, both in the studio and the office.  We support manufacturing here in the USA by hiring and maintaining our facility in North Carolina.  The company is structured so that we can keep manufacturing local.  Discrimination of any kind is something we do not tolerate.

We give back to various charities through cash donations, jewelry donations, and percentage of profits during special sales events.  If you have a charity you would like for us to consider, please let us know


How long will it take for my jewelry to ship?

All of our pieces are meticulously made by hand in North Carolina. Some pieces are ready to ship within 1-2 days. Pieces that are made once you order will generally ship within 3-4 days with the exclusion of etched bracelets which require a lead time of 2 weeks. Do you need something PRONTO? Contact us! Our Cheerful Customer Service Staff will check on the possibilities.


Why does it take 2 weeks to get something custom etched?

There are many steps to the process, and it starts with the communication between you and us so we can get an understanding of what you’re looking for and the message you are trying to convey. Every one of these cuffs is very personal, and we strive to make the experience as meaningful as the jewelry itself.


Why do the stones on my piece look different than those on the website?

We value the unique, natural qualities of all the material we use.  Many of our stones have natural texture, inclusions or coloring that can differ from stone to stone.


Can I get a different size ring if mine doesn’t fit?

We can almost always provide a ring to fit, although possibly we will be unable to resize the ring you have and will need to have another one made to size. Just (you guessed it) contact us!


I need to wear a post.  Can you convert an earring with an ear wire to one with a post?

Most of the time, yep! There is a small upcharge of $7.00 for sterling silver and $12.00 for 14k gold filled. 


I lost my earring. Can I order a mate?

Sometimes we can duplicate an earring, sometimes we can coordinate a similar earring, and sometimes, sadly, we can only provide a heartfelt bummed face.  Contact us, and we’ll do our best.  Sending a picture is a good way to start.  We charge 1/2 the current retail price for the pair plus shipping.  Please return the single earring so we can match it up as closely as possible.  (You’ll need to get a Return Authorization # from our Cheerful Customer Service Staff.)


Can I have a cuff made that will fit MY wrist?

Most people can wear the cuff as it’s made, but if you need something smaller or larger, we are positive we can provide something that fits. 


Can you make jewelry with beads or pearls I already own?

We can and have updated jewelry for our clients.  Just contact us!


Do you do custom work?

Yep! Sure do. Contact us to explore the possibilities!