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Designed and made entirely in North Carolina, this unique and diverse collection was born from the passion of 3rd generation jewelry designer, Christine Jones. Growing up surrounded by jewelry tools and talk of the trade, the art of jewelry design is in Christine’s blood. After college, working in corporations of all sizes, and raising a daughter, her years of pottery and art classes lead her right back to her roots. In 2007, Christine Jones Jewelry was born!

Christine has built her company on the idea that love, respect and inclusion could and should be woven into the fabric of the business…. and, of course, joy! All of her pieces are created with personal care and love, and always at the forefront of her mind is the desire for her jewelry to be worn by women who embrace their inner strength, resilience and can-do attitude!

Christine’s signature detail is an antique key…representing both her family history of jewelry design and also the symbolic reminder that we all hold the key to unlock the love, strength and greatness within us. All we have to do is turn the key!

I have purchased one or two pieces of Christine’s beautiful jewelry each year for the last eight years, and I wear them all regularly. I love the colors and how they blend with and enhance outfits over the years and seasons. Christine’s crafts(wo)manship is extraordinary too – the pieces hold up to this steady wearing.

— Kate D.