Three x Three Bracelet


Woven thread curves gracefully around the edge of this glittering bracelet as the rows of hematite move three x three in perfect unison around your wrist.  The slightly larger black plated hematite rounds stand out against the gorgeous backdrop of rose gold and yellow gold plating on the smaller hematite beads.  Don’t let the delicacy of this piece fool you… it is simply striking and can stand alone or be paired with another bracelet (or even a watch!).


  • Approx. 3/8 inches wide
  • 7.5 inches long (standard) **
  • 3 mm rose gold plated hematite squares
  • 3 mm yellow gold plated hematite faceted rondelles
  • 4.25 mm black plated hematite faceted rounds
  • Sterling silver clasp

** Need it longer? Shorter? Just let us know!



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