Stronger Than She Looks


Stand out with a different kind of hoop that balances between edgy and girly. The Stronger Than She Looks textured sterling silver teardrop earrings exemplify your can-do attitude and strong spirit. No matter how they swing, dance, and dangle, these teardrop earrings stand connected, open, and determined.

3mm silver beads are hammered and soldered by hand onto a textured sterling silver teardrop. Meticulously placed for the perfect balance and look, these bold beads demand attention with a monochromatic design. The impactful earrings measure 2.25 inches in length and hang from a handmade ear wire with the perfect amount of uninhibited motion.


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Sometimes designing jewelry is all about meticulous thought and planning. Other times, designing jewelry is completely intuitive, like the design happens almost through me. These earrings were like that, completely intuitive. After completion, they looked like they had been riveted and those rivet shapes made me think of Rosie, The Riveter. She exemplified strength, resilience, and ‘can-do’ attitude. With this collection, I want to celebrate these qualities in women: Strength to fight for fairness, resilience to stave off cynicism, and the can-do belief that, eventually, as a group, we can make positive change. Love to all.


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